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Tong Ren 103

An Introduction to Tong Ren 103

Tong Ren 103 is created using many Chinese Medicinal herbs and ingredients of the finest quality. It is the ideal Health Supplement for people living in modern society to achieve perfect health and vitality, and to combat the aging process.

It is especially effective in the prevention and treatment of habitual flu, insommia, poor memory, migraine, stroke related conditions, sensitive nose, reduction in saliva secretion, diabetes, kidney disease, hair loss, age pigmentation, Autoimmune Diseases and Immune Deficiency Disease. It has also shown great effectiveness in lessening the debilitating side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, and enhances their treatment results.

Tong Ren 103 works through increasing the brain cells' activity level, regulating the body's hormonal secretion and metabolism, improving micro circulation, and enhancing the oxygen absorption rate of the red blood cells. It encourages the multiplication and growth of white blood cells, and fine tunes the body's immune system, so that the body's functioning is restored to its optimal level. This enables the body to overcome illness, and become strong and healthy. It is gentle in nature, non heaty and does not contain hormones. It is non addictive. So, it is safe for long term usage.

Therefore, Tong Ren 103 is a superb Health Supplement that aids in the healing process by focusing on improving the essential quality of the human body itself, balancing and regulating the body's functioning, so that the body is able to fight and overcome illness by utilizing its own strengths, and achieve a higher level of immunity.

Tong Ren 103 is a powerful aid for the prevention of diseases and enhances a person's physical well being. It has shown remarkable results in preventing the aging process. After taking the supplement, one will experience increased strength and vitality. It improves a person's physical agility, alertness and memory. After starting on this health supplement, people often find that the various medical condtions, health problems and physical discomfort that had previous been troubling them gradually disappear. Most of the time, they also experience unexpected positive results, such as their eyes no longer feel dry and their eye sight improves. Mouth ulcers, itchiness in the ear canal, sinus problems and mouth odors are also cured.

Dosage: 3 to 6 capsules once a day. This can be taken at night or in the morning on an empty stomach with plain water. Or follow the Doctor's prescription.

Results can be seen normally within 10 to 15 days.

Cancer patients should take this product two to three times a day.

Important Notes: People suffering from sexual dysfunction please avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol.

After starting on this supplement, those who are chronically sleep deprived or overworked and experiencing exhaustion may find that they have an increased desire to sleep. People who suffer from migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, excessive uric acid and blocked meridians may experience pain or an increase in the pain level during the initial period after they start taking this supplement.

It is suitable for all, irregardless of gender and age. It is gentle and yet powerful, breaking the widely held convention that Tonics is definitely be heaty in nature and medicines strengthening the kidneys must contain hormones. It does not contain any toxic substances and has no side effects. Everyone can safely take this product without any worries.

The Six Unique Qualities of Tong Ren 103

1. It is made from many Medicinal herbs and ingredients of the finest quality which have been specially prepared and processed.

2. It is a Health Supplement that works on improving the fundamental quality of the human body. Regulating and balancing the body's functioning, so that the body is able to overcome existing illness and disease using its own strengths; prevent the onset of illness and physical deterioration; and improve the body's immunity and general well being.

3. It is multi functional, as it:

a) Enhances the activity level of the brain cells;
b) Balances and regulates the hormonal secretions;
c) Improves micro-circulation and the oxygen absorption rate of red blood cells.
d) Improves metabolism;
e) Regulates the body's immunity level, especially through activating the T-Lymphocytes and Macrophages.

4. It is a formulation that is well balanced in its Yin and Yang. Its differing elements of Fire and Water works in harmony in support of each other. It is non heaty and overcomes powerful opposition with gentle strength. It is mild and yet powerful in nature.

5. It is non toxic, non addictive and does not have any side effects.

6. It is easy to carry, convenient to use and non painful.

Tong Ren 103, the Human Body, and the Theory of Yin & Yang and the five Elements.

Water : Endocrine
Fire : Circulatory
Metal : Respiratory
Wood : Immune
Earth : Digestive

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